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president, president clinton, had an economy that included a sacrificial budget that actually had a budget that did tax reform and revisions that had revenue. and thank goodness. it was at least fair, where the 1% were getting 45% and the bottom 99% were getting 55%. what is the configuration now? i might venture to say, mr. jeffries, that the 99% are getting zero and the top 1% may be right now at 100%. so i'm asking for the conference to go and work for america. not this configuration, but to in the 99% investment america. to be able to take the c.b.c. budget and look at some of the tax reforms that could be utilized, to look at our job creation, which would include the maintenance and repair for public transit, highways, airports, port, railroad and bridges. the houston metro would appreciate having the opportunity to expand and create work from those who would on the rail lines to those who would build the rail cars, to those who would run it. and the opportunity for people going to work to ride on it. work force development programs such as the work force investment act, programs tha
was expected to lose. cressey was not popular at the time. the economy was not going as fast as he could have. cressey was liberal. were tired. not liberal enough for many people. he could do very little right in 1948. his own party did not really support him. it was not 100% certain he would even get the nomination. campaigns on a congress that will not work with them or get anything done. still? no. this was a partnership. and he campaigns on foreign policy. this is where one of everyone's favorite truman stories comes out. shall nominate tells him on a train, go out there and give him hell. theof the reporters -- this -- these things happen. give him hell, harry. cressey had done that before, once when the machines had gotten him elected in missouri, and they fell apart he won on his own personality. >> he was not a great orator. we do not look at truman speeches like a lincoln speeches. in a small group and small crowd to my he to win every by the over. -- crowd, he could when anybody over. >> it wrote to the people. >> what was media coverage like? >> radio and print. he brought a sense
of the campaign and why those were the expectations? >> he was not popular at that time. the economy was not converting. >> he was liberal. >> he was liberal. and he could do very little correctly. he was not 100% certain he was even going to get the nomination. with acampaigns difficult congress who would not work with him. and he campaigned with foreign policy, look at what i've done with the marshall plan and the truman doctrine. nominee presidential told him on a train to go out there and give them hell. is then from then on, that what people yelled from everywhere. >> that machine had gotten him elected in missouri. and they fell apart. he ran again on his own. in 1940., >> he must have had a norma's personality. -- huge personality. with small groups and small crowds he could win anyone over. that affected the campaign hugely. >> that got him elected. they brought him to the people. >> what was coverage like at that time? >> print and radio. >> the polling was so far ahead that they stopped polling a couple weeks before the election took place. that was why the numbers were so
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3